Adirondack Camp Cabins - Cabins at Whiteface Camp

                                                                                  Restrooms: The cabins do not have bathrooms nor showers. The main                                                                                                                                            bathrooms are located within the stable  facility, which is a short walk from the                                                                                                                                   cabins.

                                                                                            Safety: All cabins have fire extinguishers, smoke detectors. We do not have                                                                                                                                     cooling systems in the cabins,  however, cooling fans are available upon request.                                                                                                                               The ranch property is gated to ensure that all staff complies with camp curfews                                                                                                                                 and safety protocols.

Cleanliness: The cabins are watched closely for pests and have regular anti-pest inspections. Cabins are cleaned once or twice weekly by camp staff (vacuumed, dusted). It is the responsibility of the campers to pick up their cabins daily each morning, and fold clothes and put them away. Sheets and extra bedding is also available upon request.

​Counselors: Depending on how young our campers are, there is one counselor per cabin. In order to avoid close friendships between older campers, cabins that house teenagers do not have a counselor in them. However, a counselor is always available and is in close proximity to the cabins (20 feet). We have counselor cabins / counselor campers. The camp administrative staff is also immediately available during emergencies.

Cabin Space: Our cabins are small, therefore space is limited. We kindly ask parents to pack their camp kids only items who are absolutely necessary and an average of 7-10 days of clothes. We suggest to pack belongings into low profile suitcases or low profile totes that can fit under the bunks. Alternatively, extras can fit in corners of the cabin but that is not always a possibility. Laundry is done every Friday by one of the camp staff members and returned within 24 hours.

Our camp cabins are rustic - a style that is common to find in the Adirondacks. Built between 1940's and late 2000's, the cabins house 4 -  6 campers. Wildhorse's cabins are not open air cabins, therefore insects do not annoy the campers and provide a good nights sleep. 
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