You want your children to become passionate about something that will lead them into building a rewarding future.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, knowing that you have accomplished something good and beneficial for yourself, family and everything that surrounds you. At the end of the day, we are all together, sharing our lives with everything around us, and each and every day is a honest day.

Horses, just like any other living being, teach us responsibility. It's a routine that requires us to visualize and experience the dedication one has to a living , breathing individual. The results determine whether we graduated into maturity. Our demeanor will reflect the behavior, the health and the soundness of our horses.​
"Whiteface Camp is here to educate and empower girls of all ages. Every child has a purpose in life, to better the world they live in. Everyone deserves a chance to discover their skills and to improve them. The world needs everyone of us to make it a better, safer place to live." ~  Natalie, Camp Admin
From a very young age, we crave to learn and know more. Remember the friendships we made as children ? Some lasted for many years, and others are still are a part of our lives today. In today's world, where electronics are beginning to fill most of our time, we want to promote the original methods of which friendships were made, years ago.

In dirt, in mud, and in the sandbox, on hikes, catching fish, weeding a garden. 

There was no category for "fun" fun was anything and everything, whatever joined our playmates together. It wasn't considered work back then, it composed fellowships, and taught us how to work together, and perhaps overcome social difficulties in the future.
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Camp Philosophy
Life's Stress & Anxiety
If we as parents, can teach our children to understand the basics of insecurity, anxiety and stress causing factors, we could consider ourselves as parents of the decade. It is important for your child to navigate around such factors and manipulate them in such a way that would be beneficial to them. This process starts at home, and we continue this philosophy at camp. 

Whiteface Camp has an easy-going atmosphere where children do not feel unnecessarily pressured. While our camp does not support negative peer pressure, WE DO support participation in activities. Not only does participation break the ice, it also encourages a child to try new things, and make new friends.
Path to Success
Everyone is Different
Everyone learns at their own pace, sure we would like our children to be Albert Einstein & Wilhelm Rontgen, but the reality is that everyone has something that will serve as an obstacle on the way. So let's conquer that obstacle together !

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" Henry Ford

As tutors and educators, we want to teach through encouragement. Children need to be treated with respect and everything they say or feel has to be taken seriously.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead

Here at horse camp, we assign horses based on experience, athletics and age to ensure that the child is comfortable on horseback and successfully on her way to her goal. She may graduate if need be, to a more spirited mount once that goal has been reached. Life is a cycle of goals.

We enable your youth to tell us about their needs, potential goals, and we continue our work from there.
What Parents Say ...
"I have never been to a place that warmed my heart so much! everything from their kindness to how they taught you about riding and their facility! It is nice to see people so patienant towards horses and rescuing! Highly recommend this place to go riding!" ~ Suzanne K. from Du Bois, Pa
"While visiting no matter what season WildHorse Ranch is the place to be. The trail rides are fabulous, the horses are gentle no matter what the conditions, the leader is a wonderful quide as well as a master horseman. I went with my husband and we had a tremendous time and will certainly plan to go there again." ~ Robin B of Longmeadow, Ma
"These folks LOVE their horses. I met the owners for the first time today and after spending two hours with them I realized they are the type of people I would like to have as friends. They are nice, honest, caring and truly love their horses. The rides are real. We are not talking lead lines. You are in control of the beautiful horses. Have fun. Be nice. Stay safe. They are very attentive to their riders. SAFETY is their primary concern." ~ Neil & Family from Lebanon, NJ
With a common denominator such as a horse children that are placed in a situation where everyone has a common goal but no one is familiar with each other, serves as a great canvas for expression. Here at horse camp, we start by identifying each individuals strengths and weaknesses, reasons for anxiety and stress factors.

Everyone has reasons to fear something. Some fears can be reasoned with, others require more logistics.

​Nature of fear is the urge to run. Just as in most species, its brain shuts down most of its faculties, and the body is told to experience a flight response - It is the nature of the horse to run, and in teaching a horse to overcome its fear it helps us overcome ours.
Fear is not solely restrictive to high risk activities such as horseback riding, it is also relevant in daily, social interactions. 

Everyone is good at something, so let's put our ego to work. A reasonable dose of comfort, security will encourage the child to learn.

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What Parents Always Ask ...
What is Whiteface Camp's Philosophy ?

Our philosophy is to teach girls the world of horses through natural and free-resistance horsemanship training. We are also here to instruct, direct and encompass life's pathways, choices and expose the campers to as many choices as possible while they stay here at Whiteface Camp. The girls will learn the ups and downs of horse ownership, the reality of obstacles and the reality of transforming them into success. All this taught in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere as we are all here to prepare for all the years ahead. Life never stops, and people never stop learning.
Is Whiteface Camp a competitive horse camp ? 

Whiteface Camp is not a competitive-oriented camp. Aside from hosting horse camps, we have a fully operating equestrian riding stable and host a horse rescue. Another words, we do not close camp at the end of the summer as we use the ranch facilities for other equestrian activities. Our horse camp offers girls to learn as much as possible about horsemanship and horse ground work. We want prepare campers to become well functioning horse women who can not only say that they are able to ride a well trained horse, but also handle emergencies that do arise during horse ownership. 
Will my daughter sleep in a cabin or a tent ?

Cabins sleep anywhere between 4 to 6 girls per bunkhouse. Showers and Bathroom facilities are just a short walk from the bunk house cabins, located centrally in the stable facility. We prefer cabins over tents as we are located in an area where we have wildlife and insects. The cabins are rustic, do not have air conditioning, however they do have window fans. The camp cabins have electricity and light fixtures and are regularly maintained for cleanliness, safety and functionality. The cabins are vacuumed and maintained twice a week by the camp staff, and organized by the campers (personal belongings).
Why do you limit the number of campers ?

Whiteface Camp realizes that sending your daughter to camp is one of the most important decisions you can make for your daughter's future. We have developed our programs to totally customize to your daughter's needs and expectations. By keeping the camp small, each camper is given respect and attention, in a warm and caring, family atmosphere. 

There are many benefits of a small and organized camp program. Each rider has the ability to receive one-on-one instruction from our well versed, Equestrian Team of program leaders so that skills and expectations could improve and flourish. Aside from the benefits of a compatible camp enrollment, we nurture the importance of a friendly environment. As a result, our camp children feel unhappy about returning home and back to a more fast paced setting.
How will my child be supervised while at camp ?

Trips & Activities: During trips, activities and horseback riding, Whiteface Camp supervises with two-three staff members per nine campers. Whenever campers participate in offsite summer camp activities, the supervision ratio increases as professional guides and instructors lead the girls on rafting trips, kayak tours, paintball games, or a round of team penning. During a casual riding day, the counselors are responsible for assisting/supervising the girls to catch horses out of pastures, supervise in tacking up & saddling, and to supervise barn chores. During mealtimes, everyone gathers at the kitchen where all camp staff is present. The camp girls are also supervised in the evenings as they are getting ready for bed.

Cabin Supervision: At night, the girls are supervised by one counselor per cabin. The directors and administrative staff is onsite and is always accessible during a camp emergency. The property is gated for the protection of the campers, the staff and the horses. The gated entry also prevents strangers from accessing the premises without permission. It also enables the camp administrators to enforce the evening curfew of the staff.