Resident Camp Schedule
6:30: Wake-up cabin responsible for getting horses ready for lessons. Feed, water, brush down, saddle, place in stalls. Rest of campers and JC's water all outside and inside horses.

7:30 : Return to cabin. Quick cabin cleanup. Get ready for Breakfast

8:00 : Breakfast

9:00: One or two members of staff go down top barn to catch remaining horses, lead to arena, groom, tack up, prepare for lesson

9:15 : Go over safety rules & basics, Formal riding lesson.

Day 1: The Camp Staff determines each camper's ability and divides girls into age & ex ­perience specific groups.
Assessments involve weaving through cones at walk, trot, spoon & egg balance exercises, riding through obstacle courses, assessments for jumping. Depending on the weather, the indoor or outdoor a renas will be used for the lessons.

Day 2 : Practice your discipline with your horse.

1:00 :  Lunch

1:00: Free time (a supervised but unstructured period where the girls can work on small art projects, nap, write home, play games, etc)

2:00: Riding lesson 

4:30: Untack horses, hose down, wipe tack clean, pic k-up arenas, disinfect helmets and saddle pads.

5:00: Stable Management Period ( a lesson focusing on equine health, nutrition, mainte­nance, stable care. This is also a time when the girls take care of their own horses for the night) .

6: 00:  Dinner at Camp Kitchen

7:00: Time for showers !

8:30: Campus Time + Evening Activity (camp fire, horse scavenger hunt, movies , evening mini-golf, lake & beach campfire etc)

11:00:  Lights Out !

** The schedule does not reflect activity time which depends on the type of attraction the camp is visiting for the day. Activity days and times vary throughout the week.

Whiteface Camp schedule may slightly change from day to day, depending on any given week and the group of campers we encounter. Days begin at 6:30 and end at around 10:00 pm. During activity days, lights out can be as late as 11:00 pm. If the girls happen to return from activities later in the evening, the camp staff allows them to sleep in an extra hour the next day.
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Camp Schedule Changes
Whiteface Camp schedule may change when reservations for activities have been made. These activities can last between 6-8 hours and on days such as rafting or zip lining, the campers do not ride their horses. 

Alternatively, the girls always have a choice between an off-site activity and a second riding period which can be a lesson or riding activity such as trail riding or a game. If the campers prefer to receive a second riding activity, the girls can vote for what they would prefer it to be. Please note that some of the camp's girls are beginners and decide not to sign up for a second riding period, especially when other activities are available.