A Day at Summer Camp
Camp life, accommodations, schedules and times, all play an active role here at Whiteface Camp. A good night's sleep, is dependent on the quality of bedding a camp provides its campers. An energetic camper is dependent on a hearty meal plan to get her through the day with a smile on her face. All these factors combine into a unified result. We want the campers at Whiteface Camp to be rested, ready to be up in the morning, have a good, rewarding meal in and get ready to join the day's exciting activities. Sports require much enthusiasm, athletics and campers will have sore muscles at the day's end ! So let's get ready, drink our orange juice and rock this summer !
 Camp Accommodations
Camp Cabins, are strategically placed bunk houses throughout the Ranch property. While always walking distance from the main bath house, our bunk houses are easily accessible regardless of weather. The camp has authentic setting which encourages the perfect Adirondack wilderness experience. 

Most of Whiteface campers will be able to see their riding horses from their cabins. With names like "Camp Appaloosa","Camp Palomino", to name a few,  who wouldn't want to enjoy quiet, privacy and the sounds of nature ? Each cabin houses four to six resident camp girls, and two - three bunk beds. 

The children at Whiteface Camp are too content, too tired, and under the influence of  the crisp Adirondack air, the fragrance of balsam forests, and the smell of their horse to have disciplinary issues. Once lights are out, everyone is out like a brick !
Equine Stables & Farm 
Whiteface Camp is nestled among the 6 million acre Adirondack Park. It is the most complete Equestrian Stable & Farm serving exclusively the Olympic Town of Lake Placid, New York and the Tri-Lake Area. Situated on 250 acres of prime, Adirondack land, the Camp has been built to the "Great Camp" blueprints and specifications of the "Old Great Adirondack Camps" of the early 1900's.

The facility offers an indoor arena, a fully insulated and climate controlled show barn with large 12 x 12 stalls & automatic, heated waterers, row dutch stalls, one large fully equipped tack room. The Ranch offers a spacious outdoor arena, seasonal grass arena / jumping course, and a horse session training ring.

Whiteface Camp is the largest, tri-lakes riding stable in the Adirondack Park, offering a full array of different equestrian disciplines to satisfy even the most peculiar of riders.
Camp Tucka Kitchen & Meals
English & Western Riding
Different horses everywhere, are trained with different horsemanship methods. We decided to outline the differences between English & Western Riding. 

Horses understand different cues, for different disciplines. It is imperative that horses used for schooling purposes are not recruited for other activities within the Stable such as ranch work, trail rides, etc.

In the English disciplines, the rider takes a direct contact with the horse's mouth via the reins and uses the reins as part of the "aids" (along with the seat and the leg) for speed and direction.

In the Western disciplines, western riding horses are ridden on little or no contact and the rider uses his seat, his weight and neck-reining to give aids to the horse.

Horsemanship Clinics
Whiteface Camp offers programs throughout both the resident camp as well as day camp that involve campers in the daily responsibility of caring for a horse. From vet visits, to hoof picking and stall mucking, here at camp we want to find joy in everything we do. 

Working From the "Ground Up" with horses requires a calm and patient demeanor. Whether we are working with a veterinarian to float a horses teeth, help with farrier procedures, or perform horsemanship safety tasks, your daughter will know exactly how much work and dedication it takes to keep a healthy and happy horse.

Camp Activities
We chose a few distinguished attractions that the campers may enjoy while at Camp WildHorse. A portion of these attractions can only be found in the Adirondack Park and are exclusive to the area. 

From a wolf walk, to the thrill of extreme tubing, we have selected a few organic attractions, organic to the Adirondacks that you may not find anywhere else.

Regularly, girls participate in an activity that is not equine related. We may choose days depending on weather, let's say we have a rainy day, the girls ride in the am, and then we take off for our next adventure for the pm and have dinner outside of the Ranch limits.

The Camp promotes the Adirondack Experience, and invites your daughter to spend more time outdoors, learning, teaching and enjoying what nature and its 
Our Mission is to engage your child's love of horses. We create programs through riding and caring for horses that will improve your daughter's confidence & self esteem. Your daughter will experience responsibility in working as a team member. 
She will also learn how to set her own personal goals and create a plan for accomplishing those goals. Positive attitude and 
self confidence are created through accomplishments which will enable your daughter to try new things and succeed in any 
beauty has to offer. Many campers return again and again, as the Park holds a magical place in their heart. A  great number of the girls return again and again, and even spend time here as adults for work, or vacation. Come, join us !
What Does a typical day look like ?
Objectives for Day Campers: Children will learn how to catch & halter a horse safely in a herd environment, lead through gates, & how to properly tie up, how to groom & tack up, ride bareback, Western & English style, trail ride, ride through an obstacle course, play games on horseback, and learn basic’s of Equine Behavior. Most of all, they will learn about horses, & horse safety, and have lots of fun!

If campers already know the basics, we enjoy improving their skills in jumping and western disciplines. Many of the attendees have an equestrian background and ride some of the best horses we have. These horses introduce them to the next level of riding.
Camp Cabins
Our Adirondack Cabins have been built in the 1940's and 2000's. Whiteface Camp property has been influenced by the original Adirondack Great Camp blueprints, famous for its own style & color, naturally blending into the environment of the "Bark Eaters".
Horse Stables
Situated on 250 acres of prime, Adirondack land, Whiteface Camp has been built to the "Great Camp" blueprints and specifications of the "Old Great Adirondack Camps" of the early 1900's.
The facility offers an indoor arena, a fully insulated and climate controlled  barn with large 12 x 12 stalls & automatic, heated waterers, row dutch stalls, a large fully equipped tack room. The Ranch offers a spacious outdoor arena, and a horse session training ring.
Objectives for Resident Campers: Learn how to improve your riding skills in both English and Western disciplines. Campers will learn different horse behaviors, ride several horses prior to a permanent assignment for the week. For this reason we suggest that enrollees choose a two week program as it takes a rider a little while to adjust to her horse.

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Everyone looks forward to the Mealtimes at Camp Tucka Kitchen. Here at camp, we ensure that your child will have wholesome, fuel propelling breakfasts. For dinner, we are a big fan of flounder in light egg batter, slightly seared in a skillet or baked in oven, broiled chicken / turkey thighs or breasts.

Please note: When we are out on afternoon / day activities we have limited food choices: lunch consists of fresh subs with choice of drinks and snacks, dinner may be pizza, chinese, pasta with choice drinks.

Sample Menu 

Breakfast: Muesli with hot milk/hot water, scrambled/sunny side up eggs, "french toast with whipped cream and syrup"," grilled cheese sandwiches"," ham cheese sandwiches", "bagels with cream cheese, nutella, strawberry preserves and cereal of their choice", "veggie/meat omelette and toast", "pancakes, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon", yogurt is always offered as well as fruit smoothies
Lunch:  " peanut butter and banana PJ", "home made spaghetti with corn bread on the side", "chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes/ pasta/ mac n cheese", "baked flounder in egg with spanish rice and steamed veggies or salad" yogurt is always offered as well as fruit smoothies, Juice, milk, drink mixes, orange juice or water offered
Dinner: "Broiled chicken drumsticks & thighs seasoned herbs, served with mashed or roasted
potatoes/spanish/jambalaya rice, steamed broccoli, mixed veggies or salad", Juice, milk, drink mixes,  orange juice or 
water offered. "Spaghetti with home made sauce and ground beef, corn bread or garlic bread", grilled 
"chicken with spiced pasta side, and steamed veggies or salad", "grilled pork with mashed potatoes/stroganoff pasta", 
"alfredo chicken with pasta, cheese, casserole bake", "lasagna, corn bread, steamed veggies or salad".
Supper: milk with favorite cereal, cookies, muffins. Juice, milk, drink mixes, orange juice or water offered

If your child has special dietary needs please email us at info@girlshorsecamp.com to give us the details. We cannot accommodate many diet restrictions, therefore it is best to inquire before sign up !