Our Location: The Adirondacks
The Adirondack Park is both the largest and the first government-protected park in the contiguous United States. It covers a vast expanse—bigger than New Hampshire—of rugged, thickly wooded, mountainous terrain in northeast New York State. The Adirondacks are a popular destination for all lovers of outdoor activities, from hiking and skiing to ice and rock climbing. 

"I'll never forget." These words often mark the retelling of a cherished memory. Experience the thrill of first discovery in the Adirondack Region of Northern New York (also known as the ADKs). A six-million-acre civilized wilderness, dotted with quaint towns and charming lakeside villages, the Adirondack Region is open year-round for adventure. Explore nature parks, tour historic sites and play at our many family friendly attractions. Visit Adirondacks
Lakes & Mountains
Named for the mountains within the park, the Adirondacks are part of the Northern Deciduous Forest, the largest temperate forest in the world. Larger than Vermont or Massachusetts; larger even than Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Great Smokies and Yosemite national parks combined, the Adirondacks are a haven for outdoor recreation. Conveniently, this natural wonder is located within a day's drive for 60 million people. Visit Adirondacks.

An Algonquian History
The name "Adirondacks" is an Anglicized version of the Mohawk ratirontaks, meaning "they eat trees", a derogatory name which the Mohawk historically applied to neighboring Algonquian-speaking tribes; when food was scarce, the Algonquians would eat the buds and bark of trees. By 1634, the word was being used by the Mohawks, when speaking among the Dutch, to refer to French and English. The Dutch transliterated the word Aderondackx at that time.
Keene Valley & The High Peaks 
Keene Valley is appropriately known as "The Home of the High Peaks." The town is surrounded by some of the highest, and most majestic, mountains east of the Rockies.

Towns & Cities
​Wilmington, NY
Wilmington, a few miles north of Lake Placid, offers everything that an active (or even sedentary) outdoor-adventure lover could desire. This ranges from challenging ski slopes and hiking trails to family-fun parks and scenic highways. It is home to Whiteface Mountain, the only Olympic ski area east of Colorado.
Lake Placid, NY 
Lake Placid has it all: back-country adventure, Olympic thrills, upscale lodging and dining, family lodging and dining, European ambience, history, arts, and even dogsledding. Simply walking along Main Street, imbibing the eclectic variety of restaurants and shops, is an experience to be treasured.  
Saranac Lake, NY
Saranac Lake is much more than its world-famous Ice Castle (built of ice blocks for the town's annual Winter Festival). The area is loaded with hiking trails and canoe routes, with outfitters to help you along.Saranac Lake also has its quiet pleasures. Its palette of unique shops and restaurants is amazing.
Photo by Mark Kurtz Photography; Saranac Lake, NY

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Photo by Mark Kurtz Photography; Saranac Lake, NY

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Photo of Lake Clear (not part of Camp property)

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