Why Whiteface Camp ?
Why would a parent choose us over other camps ? This is a question that Whiteface Camp parents discuss often prior to making the final decision. The World of Whiteface begins when all aspects of the child's needs are being met. We pride ourselves in promoting an effective lesson program, operating a horse rescue, which encourages awareness that revolves around issues with equine overpopulation, and an activity schedule like no other horse camp can offer. 

Here at Whiteface Camp, we love our horses and it shows, from giving a life to the most unfortunate, to guiding youth in the right direction, we ensure that our campers return home with the most stories of appreciation, enjoyment and satisfaction.  The Camp offers a new path for children and young adults that are indecisive about which way to go in life. It sustains a new hobby or perhaps a new career for your daughter to embrace. Having a horse in their lives,  transforms young girls into more independent adults who can navigate around distress with more ease. There is something magical in the effect that the horse has on a child, it cannot be easily explained by the use of literature, poetry or expressed in any form or sentence.
"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and her horse" - Anonymous
Lessons are lead by experienced ... innovative adult instructors offering both English and Western disciplines. In many cases, Horse Camps have instructors that are not educated in the field of Equine Science. These camps may make errors when attempting to teach children and young adults, which may even pose as a safety hazard.
Classes are small ..., and campers are divided into appropriate age and skill level groups such as beginner, intermediate and expert. It is imperative that the girls are matched with their horses personality & achievement level. Careful selection fosters self-confidence and maturity. The campers do not have feelings of inadequacy or peer enforced rejection. Aside from group lessons, riders also receive one-on-one individual training from their instructors.
Our motivational programs ... and on-site dispute resolution assistance help improve self-esteem and promote positive character development. We take the time to address your daughter's feelings, spend time diminishing the stress of homesickness and incorporate creative methods such as games and trips to individually improve her week here at camp.
The camp horses ... our Horses have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances and slaughter auctions. Unlike other camps, our horses are never leased and disposed off and the end of the summer.. The returning campers return to their horses, year by year, and see familiar faces. When the horses retire, they retire with us!
The camp offers a wholesome .. meal plan. A hearty meal is the key ingredient to a productive day's work. Sometimes children can suffer from hypoglycemic episodes when their sugar levels drop. This can make a camper very grumpy and aggravated. Here at camp, we fuel the girls all day.
The camp provides ... the girls with high quality horses trained to horsemanship specifications. Many of the horses were rescued from unfortunate circumstances. Due to overpopulation and economical factors, many horses become homeless, neglected and abandoned. When supporting Whiteface Camp, you, as the parent, also support our continuous efforts to improve the lives of these majestic animals, one horse at a time. 
Unlike other camps ... Whiteface Camp counselors join the campers as informative companions in each of the camp activities. This fellowship combined with the camp's limited enrollment results in a well-organized but widely independent environment in which the campers enjoy considerable freedom of choice.
Clinics by ... veterinary professionals, farriers and trainers will provide quality education and answer most questions in the topics of nutrition, the importance of keeping a healthy hoof, equine medical maintenance, how to recognize emergencies, how to care for injuries, training from the group up, tips & tricks, and much more.
Limited Enrollment ... our intimate enrollment enables the campers to have a more personal friendship with their counselors and instructors, interacting, bonding, trusting and looking up to them. Our staff is well versed in the care and communication of children, and is very determined to make their camp experience the best possible. 

The horses here at camp are not leased for the summer, they remain here and retire with us. Most summer camps lease their horses for the summer, and then dispose of them when the program is finished. We ensure that campers receive the same horse that they had previously ridden here at camp. This makes horse assignments less complicated, as we know each horses' personality and temperament. By being familiar with a horses' behavior, we are confident and comfortable in assigning our horses to riders of all levels.

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One horse per camper... Please go to Horse Assignments for ADK's horse assignment process.
ADK Activities .. Whiteface Camp offers one of the most diverse set of activities and attractions in the North East. From whitewater rafting in the most picturesque Adirondack rivers to zip lining across treetops, our camp wants every child to experience the most at camp. For more information about our activity programs, please go to: ADK Activities