One Horse per Camper - Horse Assignments

The benefits of horse assignments, camper progress and the process of how exactly children bond at camp, makes or breaks their stay at summer camp. The great facet of Whiteface Camp is that it's a private camp with a limited enrollment. This allows time for more one-on-one attention from camp staff, as opposed to larger camps, which may be negligent of each individual camper's acclimatization to its programs.

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One Horse per Camper : 70% of of our campers have their own exclusive horse assignments. Approximately 30% of our campers have dual horse assignments. We find that some beginner riders or girls that have never ridden before, benefit from having a horse assigned to two riders instead of one. This ratio fluctuates from season to season and it is dependent on the amount of experienced campers sign up for summer camp.
Benefits of Assignments : One of the most important benefits is that the campers learn from each other's skills. When horse personalities vary, it is important that all of our campers understand their horses' language first. Only riders that have a good sense of horsemanship will be assigned their separate mounts.
Camper Bonding : Campers gain knowledge from their peers voluntarily which improves their riding skills and communication inside as well as outside of the riding ring. Friendships between resident campers are of great value and are nourished and encouraged throughout the duration of summer camp.
Camper Progress: Campers who have amicable relationships with their peers have higher learning success rates than children who do not. For example, some of a camper's very first jumping sessions occurred due to peer participation and encouragement, regardless of age. Such support is the foundation to a child's effective acclimation to camp.